Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection is key in the battle against cancer & this is no different with oral cancer. Even if you don’t smoke, keep in mind that 25% of oral cancer diagnoses are for non-smokers. It’s important that every patient receive a simple & pain-free oral cancer screening from Smith Dental Care.

Risk factors for oral cancer include:

Tobacco use (smoking, chewing & dip)
Excessive alcohol consumption
Poor diet
HPV (human papilloma virus)
Age (higher risk over 40 years old)
Oral cancer doesn’t always cause symptoms in the early stages, which is why it’s important to have a screening that can detect potential problems before they’re visible to the naked eye or cause sensations.

Remember that when caught early, oral cancer has an 80 to 90% survival rate. So be sure to ask the dentist or the hygienist for your annual screening!